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You simply can't compare...

...Rand's level of MSM coverage since the '12 election with Ron's post-'08. Even Ron's "A LOT" of coverage didn't amount to 5% of what Rand is getting.

You can't compare Rand's weekly presence on Fox News prime time, with Ron's ZERO presence on Fox News prime time.

Your premise, that Ron suffered a drastic fall in coverage, is erroneous. He simply didn't have far to fall to reach the level of a "black out". Are you forgetting the lack of coverage at the Iowa Straw Poll, a half year before the primary votes were cast?

I'm not disagreeing with you that the MSM will pull the plug on Rand at some point in the future. I'm simply pointing out that THAT would be a COMPLETE 180 degree turn, as Ron never came anywhere close to reaching Rand's MSM coverage heights.