Comment: So are you telling me...

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So are you telling me...

...that what you're doing in the GOP committee is more important for Liberty than what, say, a pastor, or a teacher, or a parent, or a student, or a coworker, or a relative, or a neighbor, or a friend is doing to effect changes in hearts and minds outside of your committee?

More condescension to assume that anything other than being on a committee is a failure.

What committee was Christ on? His actions changed more not only spiritually but politically than you or I could ever accomplish just within some political party. He changed hearts; he changed philosophies. As much as some would disagree, those philosophical changes' effects can be traced down to be a major role in Western Civilization and in our Founders' worldview (even if some weren't explicitly Judeo-Christian.)

Am I tearing down what you're doing? No! I'm saying, don't condescendingly dismiss anyone that isn't following your exact recipe for change.