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Comment: I like the idea of thorium...

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I like the idea of thorium...

I like the idea of thorium nuclear, the government doesn't like it. It is too safe, much cheaper, easily available and less toxic waste. And let's not forget last but least it can never meltdown and you can not get plutonium as a byproduct and make nuclear bombs. These are all deal breakers for our great government. Thorium plasma batteries show a lot of promise, (if you don't get killed owning one) with a shoe box sized one being able to power your cars or houses for 3 to 7 years without recharge.
Another alternative energy that shows promise is what was once called cold fusion that is currently call LENR (low energy nuclear reactor) Check out and Andrew Rossi. If he can get all the certification and work out the bugs you will one day have your own affordable power supply in your house.

Check out for other interesting types of alternative energy