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Those silver eagles are as good as gone forever,

they will never see a smelter. They are all demanding premium prices, why would anyone sell for spot price so as to be melted down. BTW you should find out where most of the Silver Eagles are going, not in the USA thats for sure.

Those junk silver coins are sure hard to get hold of, those dealers are putting prices higher than actual 99% silver and selling them.Looks like people buying them are looking at them as real money in the near future. Smart people are dumping Uncle Sam's Monopoly money for the real stuff.

I don't think any of those junk silver coins will ever see a smelter any time either. I own some old silver coins and would never let them go for spot. I run a produce stand in the summer and I been kicking around selling $5 worth of produce for $.25 pre-1965 of course.

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