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Comment: Angela Merkel Reveals Plot #5 Broken Up By NSA Surveillance

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Angela Merkel Reveals Plot #5 Broken Up By NSA Surveillance

She knows NSA does surveillance. Little fuzzy on dates & places. Having trouble deciding whose money is hers. Not a reliable witness.

Jun. 19, 2013. Disclosures about [USA] National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs leapfrogged the Atlantic to Germany: “... at least 50 threats that have been averted... in some cases here in Germany” Mr. Obama said during the news conference. “So....” No details.

But Mrs. Merkel, who acknowledged that Germany has received “very important information” from the United States, cited the so-called “Sauerland cell” as an example of such anti-terrorism intelligence cooperation.

"Sauerland cell" is example #5 of terrorist plots broken up via NSA surveillance? Opps. That was 2006. The plot thinkens with age? Wonder how many of them have been broken up recently? Cracked with age?

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