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Your comment to me reads as it could have been my comment to you. :D

I hold no theories or beliefs regarding 911 whatsoever, but you actually cut to the chase of what concerns me about it, and its aftermath. The report from the 911 Commission is certainly a conspiracy theory in every way, shape, and form [a rather definitive example, in fact]. I personally believe that the Commission's theory falls short of being proven as fact. Such as it is, it has been propagated aggressively worldwide. The propagation of this theory is what abets jihadists. The growing number of those that call themselves jihadists are further propagating this theory as a rallying cry to promote jihad.

Something that really surprises even me, Granger, is your posting of this video...

One thing that's clear from reading your comments on this page and in other posts is that you clearly express disdain for neocons and atheists. That particular video was created by perhaps the most hardcore neocon media organization on the planet, and it was posted on YouTube by perhaps one of the most hardcore atheist media organizations on the planet.