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Comment: Did you bother to research any of the places you're 'travelling'

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Did you bother to research any of the places you're 'travelling'

Read about Operation Condor. Many examples of US-backed dictators:

*Paraguay's Stroessner, who forcibly disappeared thousands of people over his 35-year rule. He also went out of his way to grant asylum to former nazis.

*Chile's Pinochet, with the help of the CIA, took power from the democratically elected Salvador Allende. Over his 15-year rule, thousands were killed and tens of thousands were tortured.

*Venezuela: In 2002, the US government tried to out former president Chavez in a military coup.. and failed.

*Columbia's Uribe, with CIA funding, arranged paramilitary groups using former drug cartel members.

Many of these countries until recently were being manipulated by rules from the IMF that, of course, the US would never see fit to impose upon itself. Many of these countries, such as Columbia and Bolivia, were incredibly hard-hit by the American drug war, which the US uses as justification to buy politicians and fund cartels, granting two different avenues of control, neither of which have the South American country's best interests at heart.

"We (the U.S.) have not only supported a dictatorship in Cuba – we have propped up dictators in Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic. We not only ignored poverty and distress in Cuba – we have failed in the past eight years to relieve poverty and distress throughout the hemisphere." - John F. Kennedy

Even in Mexico, the US is trafficking weapons to the Sinaloa cartel. Over 70% of the weapons in the drug war are from the US, and most of the Zetas are former narco-officers--a corrupt third leg of law enforcement, separate from the also-corrupt army and police. Much of Mexico's torment originates in the international drug policies that the United States enforces. But you wouldn't know any of this from your "travels", in part because you're making it all up.

I don't buy for a second that you're travelling, unless your idea of travelling is holing yourself away in a cave in the country you are supposed to be exploring. That would be more consistent with your insistence that "people in other countries are too blind and meek".

Your tactics are stale. Maybe you should bring in a sock puppet who claims he's from canada to me-too all the trash you're talking about the rest of the world you're supposedly to be exploring.
Ultimately, whoever is paying you needs to look for new talent, because your deceptions fool no one.