Comment: Egalitarian liberals/aka Socialists.

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Egalitarian liberals/aka Socialists.

How can egalitarian liberals know what they know, yet not come over to the libertarian side?

Allow me to ask further. I mean, come on American egalitarian liberals aka socialist, many of you are really starting to SMELL, HEAR, and actually SEE the fascism, yet there is your liberal wishes for a bigger government. Bigger? Seriously? Is there a disconnect there? Is government not big enough for you? Do you need MORE pepper spray and tear gas thrown at you?

And then there is your liberal wishes to end the 2nd Amendment. You want us all disarmed in front of this oncoming police state? You want us unarmed and cowering under the police state? Seriously? As many of 99% took Police Pepper spray directly in the eyes, you shout for MORE? Should we speak East German too? Is the stasi-like fear control not enough govt for you? Are you a masochist?

And then amazingly there is your liberal wishes to pay STILL MORE taxes into the fascist state! More? What not enough of our money is going into corporate-welfare for you already? On the left hand you point to the fact that Corporations control our government, then with the right you ask me to send more money to it. Why would any sane person do that? Government is not working for you and me, why feed the fascist beast?

And then there is your liberal wishes for “better regulations”, despite the overwhelming factual evidence of 90 years of “corporate-govt regulatory capture”! Hello, Corporatism! Its all thanks to "more Regulations".

And as if that was not enough, then there is your call for socialization of “services” which is really a call for govt monopoly on services. What did not Obama pander openly enough to the Medical Industry for you to see the Oz behind the Curtain? Get a clue, Big Corp Medicine, Big Pharma, loves Obamacare.

So the question is how can you see all the coming corp-military-media-medical-fascism, and NOT be calling for the abolition of the Income Tax-ie our fascist government's life blood? How can you not be at the front lines screaming for this Justice & Equality eating beast of a government to be shut down? Feed it more taxes? Are you insane?

You want MORE government? Really? And at a time like this, with Amerika fascism is just waiting for Billy Graham-holier-than-thou-Hitler to come along, so again, HOW CAN YOU BE CALLING FOR MORE GOVERNMENT, and not less?

What is so good about the current big govt we have? Is it working for the "worker"? Is it working for "the little people"? No? Then WHY do you want MORE OF IT?

You correctly see that the Military-Media-Banking-Government Complex gives us growing fascism and that government now only serves only those inside the Complex?

Can you get down with a principle or two? How about respecting the guiding principle that we must respect everyone’s equal rights to Life, Liberty & Property? Hey, Marx & Engles are long since dead, totally messed up thinking evolutions stopped at the dawn of Man's history. He totally got the economics all wrong, basing it on the 'labor theory of value' when value is actually quite subjective and all based on the passing use-value judgements of others, so how can you not be libertarian?

How much more does Amerika need to travel down the Police State road for egalitarian liberals/socialist to realize that equality must always enter through the voluntary FRONT DOOR OF LIBERTY, and NOT forced thru the back-door of the State?

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