Comment: What the Bush's WANT They always GET or steal

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What the Bush's WANT They always GET or steal

Jeb Bush is being forced upon us by the Media, despite the colossal fiasco, incompetence, mass-murder, lying, and mass corruption of the first two Bush Presidencies.

But the thing to understand here, is that this criminal family dynasty is akin to the Rockefellers in terms of real power. What the Bush's want they will get, and always either get or just steal.

The one lone aberration was 1992, which was not supposed to happen and caught them by surprise, but it was the one-of-a-kind Ross Perot phenomenon that shook-up the dynamics of that Election, and divided the electorate (and nullified all the left-right, Dukakkis-Bush type of smears that would have assured Bush's re-election in a two-man race).

It is the height of arrogance, after the fiasco of George W. Bush, that this family would even want to go out and murder, rape, pillage and steal one more time -- and expect to be taken seriously by the American public.

But that's just how dumb this Country is. Average Americans either just don't care, or they wish to be run by lying criminals, thieves, and mass-murderers.

Another Bush? Why sure ... makes sense to me...

Jeb Bush will win, because that's what this Country is.

No GOP candidate could ever compete with the power that stands behind him (and few will even want to try, they'll just happily concede and get out of his way).

Face it: It's just a DUMB Country