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It can be changed. We just have a completely dysfunctional GOP who takes orders from LA. I went to a central committee meeting and they follow all dictates from down south. It's where the money is.

There are zero youth involved because they don't foster anything that the youth would be interested in. They just like going to $500 a plate dinners at the country club steakhouse and BBQ's at Johnny Lawyers new house. There is one "Tea Party" guy... but he seems completely ineffective and really just a neocon in disguise.

Also California is not a Republic as the flag would say, it's full democracy over here. We don't have caucuses and everything is voted on by lazy ass voters. Not informed citizens who know what's up, going down to the meetings.

A slight good thing is... When Ron Paul came here he packed the house in Berkley and Davis, which were previously thought a bastion of Democrat liberalism, yet they loved the libertarian message Ron Paul spoke.

California is basically a libertarian state that does not know it yet. They need education, there are many liberals here but I've found they are that way because they are simply uninformed and lazy. They go for the handouts because they see it as getting something.

You just have to frame the whole message in a way of GETTING SOMETHING. They are akin to little kids that love getting new stuff even if it's a bright and shiny golden turd.