Comment: I like your unorthodox methods of discussion.

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I like your unorthodox methods of discussion.

I hope you enjoyed your lunch. :-)

Before I forget, I have to ask you a question. It's out of order, but like I said, I don't want to forget.

"...everything works that way until a competitive idea is tried."

Can you be more specific about the "competitive idea"? That sounds like the solution to the problem, right? But like what? I'm looking for something that's actually doable, by us.

Ok, back to the top.

Am I naïve to think that when people, either back in the "toddler" years of the U.S., or right now, or anywhere in between, figure out that they've been manipulated by criminals, they have a duty to step up and make it right by refusing to accept responsibility for the criminals' misdeeds? You talked about the country's debts that were created by criminals and that the thing to do was to tell them to "buzz off".

That's where my hang-up is about "us" letting "them" do that to "us". I think that's exactly what we should do - tell them to buzz off. Now keep in mind that you clearly know more about this than I do, but I don't think we should have to pay back a cent that has been spent in our names since 9/11. I don't know about before that. I wasn't paying attention at all to anything like this back then. But it seems to me that all of the money that was spent implementing the Patriot Act, DHS, the Iraq War, everything that was spent after 9/11 all the way through now, for no other purpose than increasing the size and power of government is on the government and not us. And we the people should refuse to pay it. Who knows what kind of trouble that attitude would make for us but that seems fair. And all that spending has to be stopped, right now.

What do you mean by "zero in on money competition"? Is that what you are talking about with Utah? Is that what they're doing? The thing you said about eliminating the "one money power" and having all 50 states have their own fake money, that would help because people could move to the state that was destroying their currency the least, if that was what motivated them. Is that right? I see how that would be helpful. When all the states have the same currency, there's nowhere to go to get away from it.

The only other state I know of that's trying to have honest money is Arizona, and the governor doesn't want it because she can't figure out how to tax it. I don't know what Iceland's doing.

"Criminals are criminals and they know how to take over governments, and that was known back then, so why is it not known now?"

I think it is known now, today anyway, much more than even a few months ago. All the criminals from the time the Constitution was ratified are dead. We have real, live criminals to deal with now. They seem to be preparing to deal with us and have been for quite some time. It's the "coming out" part that alarmed me enough to come up with this project.

I think that if we work together, we can make at least Congress stop acting so crazy. We could almost close Congress down for a short time. We need that down-time and that ruckus in Congress so that they can't just keep on functioning on auto-pilot while we jump up and down screaming but not making any noise.

If we can first put the emergency brake on Congress, then while we have their attention, give them our marching orders, might they execute those orders out of fear? Maybe?

I can't even suggest any solutions to the Fed or the IRS problems because those problems are so far above my pay-grade. I know something big needs to be done, but someone way smarter than me (maybe you ;-) ) has to come up with that plan.

But we can totally fix Congress, and I bet we could do it by the 2014 elections. If the states imposed term limits on them, we'd have a whole bunch of freshmen in 2014. That would put the brakes on them pretty well all by itself. The awareness that they could be tagged for review at any time probably wouldn't do anything by itself, but when the first rep was relieved by his constituents, I think they'd all start paying attention.

I know I say "rep" and you think "criminal", but I'd rather have criminals running scared than running loose. If we can fix Congress, we are one step closer to restoring honest money, aren't we? If so, then yes, I'm definitely trying to move in that direction.

This is fun. I keep writing way too much and taking way too long doing it. You are right, I am monopolized to the point that the buck stops with the Constitution because it's what we have to work with right now and I think it's way better than what we're having to live with. I think we can make things significantly better than they are. It will take some time but not that much. To me, that means if we don't, then it's our fault for having the means to do it and not trying.

I hope you write again, Joe. You are really making me think about what I really think.