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Ron Paul cured my apathy also! :-)
I too belong to our local Ron Paul Meetup. The members of the Meetup are all Precinct Committepersons in our local GOP!

Am am happy to say that we have placed Trey Radel in the US Congress. He was one of two Liberty minded candidates in our primary. Both good men. And we are watching him like a hawk! Trey was a local radio personality with a talk show. Man, he liked to smack down people with the Constitution and common sense!

We also placed Cecil Pendergrass as a County Commissioner along with Larry Kiker. The first order of business for the new session was to elect a Chairman of the Commission. They elected Cecil unanimously! I remember at one of the candidate vetting forums when the Tax Collector, Larry Hart introduced himself as a candidate and joked about property taxes being due and what forms of payment are accepted...followed by Cecil standing up and saying, " I'm Cecil Pendergrass and I'm running for County Commisioner to try to keep him from getting your money!"!!! Larry Hart is a good man, but that was funny!

We placed conservatives in many local and state offices. We elected conservative, Liberty minded PCs to State Committee.

Your question about "Once they're in".
I signed an Oath to not actively support anyone other than the winner of the Republican Primary. I do not have a problem with that. I supported Byron Donalds for Congress, not Radel. Lucky for us they are both pro Liberty!
Some have asked, "How could I support Romney?". I did not. :-). I did not sign an oath to actively support the primary winner; but to not actively support someone other.
No Romney signs in my yard. No volunteering. No campaigning. No money. Nada. Not just me, many others!
We just sat back and watched the whole thing fall apart on him. Even our Chair at the time said he was weak, not the right candidate.
And nobody tells me what to do in the voting booth.
As far as running a primary against a seated Elected Official, absolutely! Primaries are open season!

"Not Receptive, yeah, I hear ya!
It starts out as a trickle, before you know it is a raging river. A river of Liberty washing over us all.
When I ran for PC and won the election, there were few of us. At least a few that we're recognized as such, but there were others that hadn't "come out" yet. But they were there. And even others that heard our voices and read our literature that would soon be cured of their apathy as well. Within a year the swell of Liberty minded PCs was obvious. The cat was out of the bag. The jig was up. Disdain and disssapointment were rampant among the old schoolers, RINOs and neocons from the heavy losses in the party and to our Republic. They were easy to sway over. The desire for Liberty is a strong motivator, when you are clearly losing it.

The real advantage we have is that the party is thin in its ranks. Most precincts have several open positions. Filling them is easy. If there are open seats simply request to be appointed as an Interim Committeeperson. When election time rolls around, if no one runs against you or there are still additional seats open; you automatically win. They don't even bother to put your name on the ballot, no one is running against you! This was crucial to our victory here. There were so many available positions, we just took them all!
Example: if there are 100 seats and only fifty taken and we jump in those empty seats, we just took control of half they local party. Then we elect the right leaders for our party, the right state delegates and put forth and support the right candidates. Those that support Liberty, Constitution and Republic.

Now, The Granger had a much more difficult time, yet they have achieved the same success. Don't mess with The Granger, she don't play that! :-)

I'm glad you are no longer a Lookie-Loo! Welcome to the Rabbit Hole. Dive in!

Exercise Liberty.

"Winners plan for success, while losers contemplate the consequences of failure."

America Rising.
The Constitution Stands.

"That the pen is mightier than the sword would be proven false; if I should take my sword and cut off the hand that holds the pen" - American Nomad