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There is a perception that there is no silver shortage

I never seen a market behave like the silver market. When dealers run out the price should start to go up, but it gets cheaper. I would like to see this happen in the corn or soy bean markets, they would be calling for investigations, firings or even jail time. If the same thing happened to corn the price of corn would be $2.00 per bushel or less. The silver market is the only market that doesn't follow market principles.

Hedging a market is usually done by the producers to lock in a favorable price in the future. It should never be allowed to short sell millions of ounces of paper silver with no intention of selling the physical silver at a future time.

Actually I would have sold a lot of my silver some time ago if it hadn't been so obvious that the market was being manipulated. I am now looking at long term holding of my silver because I know time is on my side. Silver will burn all the liars and manipulators in the end. I now believe the currency will collapse and my silver will be real money along with gold.

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