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Comment: From a presidential election perspective....

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From a presidential election perspective.... have to eat California one CD at a time. You can not nor should you try to win the whole state.

From a party perspective, it's the same concept, but it's county by county.

It's a mistake for a party or a presidential candidate to write off the whole state. On the other hand, it's a money pitt black hole to try to win the entire state.

It's CD by CD and county by county.

California, in reality, is virtually its own nation, geographically and demographically very diverse: Norcal, SF/SV, Sac, Sierra Nevadas, the Valley, LA Region, Imperial, SD, etc. They are all their own states practically within their own nation. It's dumb to try to take the whole thing. However, it's effective to take over those internal "states" or regions.