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Comment: currency is a very important information carrier

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currency is a very important information carrier

And it has been corrupted, totally and completely.

The information currency carries now is, "Fuck you. I fuck you."

That information comes directly from the top - the Fed itself. A currency should be stable. It should be subject to the same rules, by everyone.

But somehow, the Fed has managed to usurp control, and create more money with the stroke of a key than you or I will ever make in our lifetimes. They don't have to lift a finger in work or labor. And the message to you, and your hard work, and your savings is: Fuck you. And it is transmitted each and every time a currency transaction takes place in this country.

If there is a single reason our society is disintegrating, it is this. $4.00 for a cup of coffee? You know you're getting screwed. Wall Street bankers make hundreds of millions while you're pulling in $10/ per hour?

Since people know they're getting screwed, their only way to get it back is to screw someone else further down the line. And the fabric of society is strained further.