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I really don't mean to be disrespectful

I frankly don't give a damn what your sexual oreintation is. That's your business. To me, when I see, "I am gay".. it means.. "MY SEXUAL ORIENTATION IS WHO I AM". I hope there's more to you than your sexual orientation.

As a Catholic, you will not be married in my Church. Marriage is a SACREMENT, not a secular ceremony. The state issues marriage licenses to homosexuals and Preists have couples sign state provided licenses, and they register the marriage with the Church. So Rand is saying, "You are not going to be married to a partner who you can not procreate with". You can "make LOVE", but you can not make babies, and marrriage is all about making babies in the Church. Ron dances the same dance as Rand on this issue.

The worst part is how we both get played by government. There are Churches desperate for money and would marry anyone in the name of love.. I have no problem with that. And that includes people marrying animals.. it's not my business unless it comes to MY Church. Catholic Church has plenty of homosexuals who have accepted that they will NEVER be married in the Church. So this isn't about homophobia or anyone wanting to control YOUR life, anymore than it's anti-religion or you trying to control my life, or the life of the religious.

We both have a common enemy, and that is the Muslim religion that burns our Churches and decapitates homosexuals.. so I hope that we can find a way to end terrorism together rather than fight each other while Muslims have 8 kids to Catholics 1.6 and you having none.