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While in Russia, if you are fleeing

Your country, they oftentimes set you up in a hotel in Moscow. I'm sure it's very secret, and that the person is very well protected by Russian police or soldiers or some kind of arrangement, so that these people cannot be apprehended by their homelands CIA – type of people.

This is what Russia did for a mother and her children who were fleeing their Middle Eastern country. Just recently I read this article, I believe, in the Guardian newspaper online. So, yes, Edward Snowden probably is in a hotel somewhere being guarded by the Russian police or soldiers.

I've been saying this for a long time now, Iceland is the place to go, and I truly believe that Iceland is the only place for Edward Snowden, UNLESS they reject his plea for becoming a citizen.

If that happens, or if it has already happened, quite frankly, I would be looking to become a Russian citizen. This may be exactly what the United States wants, to make Edward Snowden look like some kind of traitor, but the US government does not fool the majority of the public now, no matter what they tell their minions on TV to spew out about him, and this brave young man shall be supported by everybody who knows his situation, NO MATTER WHERE HE RESIDES, and that will be millions of people in the United States.