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Yeah, I get power at home, too.

Yeah, I get power at home, too. I pay an electricity plus gas bill for that.

Too bad the way these control freaks gain their knowledge and power consists in plundering 80 millions WORKING Americans to sustain their rent seeking bureaucratic "jobs", subsides, bribes, and rigged deals with crony corporate(*)

Labor force participation rate at 35 year lows

(* Oh, and yeah, cherry on top, that's for the same 80 millions slaves to sustain the 220 other millions Americans that the Government Morality Supermen have "entitled" to be sustained forcefully - emphasis on the latter adverb - of course; ah, you/I gotta love the redistribution laws set up for the "greater good of the national community", don't we? Since the Nanny state promised us it only seeks our security and happiness... Brave New Amerika!)

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