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Comment: Nader Does Not Tell The Whole Story

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Nader Does Not Tell The Whole Story

Nader correctly recognizes the problems that result from lawyers who ignore the real reasons for their existence. But his suggestion - that lawyers become better at representing the needs of people - is too simplistic to have any value.

We must not simply look at the character and competency of individual lawyers. We must also look at the system that lawyers must use.

The major problem with law is that it is a government sanctioned monopoly. It is a tool of the voting majority - the democratic mob. The mob sanctions our big money, politically operated legal system. Hence, the political system is nothing more than a mob. Regardless of how well meaning any individual lawyer might be, he must work within this system.

As others have noted in this thread, most voters do not have any interest in the legal system so they just let it happen.

While Nader does not have a viable solution to the problem, neither do I, other than to try to awaken those who want to hear and preach the real basis of America's legal problems.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.