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Comment: I will be donating again.

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I will be donating again.

I am going to go out on a limb here and ask if Mike can put a count down clock up on the DP to when Ben's Money Bomb starts. If not, and you are a supporter of Ben Swann, please continue to put up stores like this on the DP to remind us about his big kick off.

I will be donating again during that time and I pray that each and every other member decides to do the same. We have so few people like Mr. Swann who are standing up for liberty. Alex Jones is one, Michael Rivero is another, there are others of course but there is something about this man that lets you know that he is indeed a liberty minded person who understand the consequences to us not doing this.

Not since Alex Jones has there been someone who can wake up so many people. I hope he gets a staff like Alex has and gets the support that Alex Jones gets. I would love to hear Mr. Swann on Coast to Coast also. George has done so much to help launch others, maybe he can do it in this case also. It protects people like Alex Jones for others like Ben Swann to rise to the occasion.