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That's not

the Illuminati. At least I don't think so.

One of those symbols is the Eye of Providence which is associated with Freemasonary.

Freemasons founded America. I believe freemasons included Ben Franklin and George Washington, for example. George Washington wrote that he knew the Illuminati had spread to America:

You can see another freemason sign included:

A couple other symbols I recognize seem to be related to the Priory of Sion (Knights Templar/Holy Grail etc.), from the Da Vinci Code.

The whole thing seems to be about secret societies that stretch back in history. I'm no expert, but I think there are at least two separate secret societies that are against each other - the Illuminati and the Freemasons. That's as far as I can piece things together. Secret societies communicate with symbols. A similar thing happened at the Superbowl:

What I think all this means is there are people in secret societies in powerful/influential places.