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I don't believe God uses us

I believe God gives us CHOICES.

It's not condesending to give facts, even if those facts are not appreciated by those who resist and CHOOSE to NOT place themselves where they FEAR to go. God removes FEAR and rewards us with blessings, grace and mercy.

Many things move people.. and many times, I'm sorry to say, it is not honey but anger. Anger is a fuel.. you can constructively employ anger by fueling a vehicle to take you places, or you can store it up and eventually meet a spark that will explode.

Correct, you are not trying to put me in a box. You are actively putting me in a box, attacking me with accusations of being condesending to FORCE ME TO CHANGE. If I was weak, you would move me, but I am not weak, thus you have met a wall that crushes the box you insist I belong.

I believe many do not know history, have a poor understanding of the currant events, and want to escape by employing blame and excuses as reason, thus refusing to get in the good fight for freedom.

As a Catholic, a very old religion, we understand that governments come and go, empires are built and fall, change is enevitable, so no nation is going to be what it was. WE ARE THE FUTURE, not the past. The world is NOT Jesus's kingdom, but illusion. Many abet Jihad by supporting Palestine over Israel. I don't blame them because I see how MSM is part of this illusion, because MSM supports a UNNWO.. they work to enforce the illusion that Israel is about enslaving people to the point of murdering them based on racism,, but the exact opposite is what is true.. Israel has been fighting enslavement since they escaped Egypt. The world has always attacked Jews, and now it attacks Israel that is a country made of more than Jews, but Christians and Muslims. Obama administration is NO friend to Israel.

By informing people that they have an alternative in the GOP, which folks like me were on the front line and FOUGHT to secure for those who are not so strong.. we now have liberty committees.. I'm not forcing anyone to join a committee, some committees are already full, but that's no reason to not support a committee that can afford opportunities that indiviuals can not afford.

For you to assume where I look (down my nose), says more about where you look, afterall, you are REACTING to my posts.. YOU find it condesending because YOU have placed yourself below me. If you saw yourself as an equal you would not see me as condesending but offering opportunity. You have worked hard to knock me rather than stand with me.

I have enjoyed many of your posts and do not see you below me, nor anyone here.. I respect everyone's choice, after all it is not for me to judge, which you may believe that I am; However, I am not judging, but informing: It is committees that make the nominations, vet candidates, vet issues, and get the job done. I didn't create this system. I worked hard to understand it, and then make the choice to get in to change it.

IOWs, I'm not asking anyone to do what I have not done, and to me, it would be condesending to ask others to do what I am unwilling to do. If they don't want to do what I have done, that's fine by me; However, I am not going to say that they have equal power when it comes to vetting and nominating candidates, getting resolutions, inniatives and propositions vetted, because that would be a lie.

Peace be with you and may God grace you with his love and mercy by bestowing upon you abundant and constant blessings.