Comment: If I was a senator on glen

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If I was a senator on glen

If I was a senator on glen beck show, and said some Catholics have too many kids and compared their marriage to bestiality. Would you be upset with me? I think you would. I know if I said something like that my boyfriend and my mom would slap me upside down the head. Ron Paul done dance the same dance as Rand. Ron never referred gay marriage to bestiality. Don't slander Ron.

I don't need to explain too you about my sexuality. I will say very little of my life is gay. I am too busy working for liberty. I ran for state rep twice and i am currently running for school director and township supervisor. I am endorsed by Liberty Candidates I don't care if the catholic church would marry me or not. The catholic church has no room to Jude me about being gay. At least i don't rape kids or protect the rapists like the catholic church.

I think Marriage is a private contract between two people, and the government needs TO STAY OUT OF IT.
One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. I think it is funny how you lump All Muslims as terrorists. Would it be fair of me to say the Catholic church are terrorist to gays because did nothing to stop their priest raping little kids??