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I can tell you

That a professor is limited to what he can profess in the secular trade of education. Professors are not free and are not encouraging freedom, but encouraging enslavement to a system that binds us to bad laws that make bad people. All one has to do is see all the prisoners of victimless crimes in prison forced to work within a prison industrial complex that prefers victims of the system rather than violent criminals.

That professor is not going to be elected or appointed to a committee whose job is to vet and nominate candidates and issues, and goes to conventions to get their candidate the nomination unless that professor does what many of us did.. petiton for ballot access, get elected to a committee, show up to the meetings, get others appointed to the committees, debate employing Roberts Rules of Order to vet and win our candidates and issues futher ballot access on local, state and national levels.

It's wonderful that your Dad gave you a pocket constitution and you appreciated that to the point of honoring it. I respect BOTH of you.

If carrying that pocket constitution is good enough for you, sobeit. But to think that is enough,, that if all we did was carry a pocket constitution would restore the Republic to constitutional government with a Bill of Rights that protects our rights, you are mistaken. I wish it was so easy.

Maybe you would be more moved to see my GOP float pass out pocket constitutions and have anti-drone drills that promote peace and freedom rather than waving signs that say, "Join the GOP".. and that's why we are not waving signs that say "Join the GOP", but passing out pocket constitutions and having anti-drone drills instead?