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My professor...

...who taught physics but after class chatted with me and others about politics and mentioned that he was for Liberty helped break the whole left-right paradigm that had been metastisizing in my mind and instead planted seeds for me to see the true Liberty-vs-tyranny struggle.

My professor who taught a class on musical anthropology underscored principles of Liberty vs interventionist aggression when discussing various cultures around the globe.

My professor who taught microeconomics and was claiming that there was a 'right to public education' in the Constitution was caught off guard when I approached him after class in front of other students with this same pocket Constitution in hand and asked him to point out where it said that. He looked and looked but, of course, it wasn't there. I have no idea, but I may have helped plant seeds that day.

My point with Christ was that, whether or not He was involved with various institutions of the day, the Gospels don't emphasize this. They emphasize His personal interactions with people, on the hillside, on the road, at a wedding, with fishermen, with prostitutes about to be stoned, with lepers and blind men, centurions, etc. I'm saying that these personal-level interactions can mean very much in people's lives--not only spiritually, but also philosophically -- which then pours out into every area of life, including politics and voting, through a shift in thinking or worldview.

I think it's great what you're doing in the context of the party. I'm just asking that you not knock those who are doing work outside that context as well.

I apologize if any of my words were said in a wrong way. I have no desire to personally attack you!