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No, I would not be upset with you

I would believe that you don't have the facts straight if you were a Senator on TV saying the Catholic Church has too many kids (we are not having enough kids to sustain the Church past 2040 at the rate we are procreating) and have an agenda to destroy the Church, which many have tried, and they all fail (and that includes the gay lobby within MY Church)

I could care less about your sexuality. You want your sexuality to be my business. It's a bigger deal to you than me.

Your mistake is personalizing Rand's statement. Rand's point is YOU CAN NOT PROCREATE with your sexual partner anymore than a beastialitist, so to have a Chruch Marriage, which performs SACRAMENTS for the sake of heirs, is not understanding or respecting the Church. Why isn't a civil union that provides legal rights for you and your partner enough? Why do you think you need to come to my Church, FORCE us to change our belief system to accomodate you and your partner in the name of equality or freedom?

The Catholic Church could care less if you are homosexual. The Catholic Church performs marriage for sacrament and heirs, which you and your partner are unqualified by the Ctechism of the Catholic Church. Why not try getting married in a Mosque?

The Catholic Church was too slow to admit, and take action, on the rape of children (by homosexual pediophiles). It is a great SHAME on the Church no doubt. The Catholic Church has now paid hundreds of millions to the victims, many who remain in the Church, and changed it's policies to make repremandations. Anyone who works or volunteers with the Church MUST BE registered with the police and the diocese, NO EXCEPTIONS. A preist who is ACCUSED, not proven, not tried, just accused of impropriately touching anyone is grounds for them to be defrocked, and if there is a crime, it must be immediately reported and the Church will press charges. We have learned from our mistake, and rather than condemn those who who continue to damn us for past mistakes, have no respect for the actions we have made to correct our faults, we appreciate them for making us stronger in FAITH and safer for everyone.

To have a legal marriage, it is registered with the state, Catholic or not. Marriage is the business of the state, even for Catholics, whose marriage is a SECRAMENT for procreation.

I do not lump all Muslims as terrorists. There are radical Muslims and these are the terrorists even to other Muslims, one need look no further than Syria to see this.

No, it would not be fair for you to say the Catholic Church committed terrorism on gays by doing nothing to stop priests raping children. It would be more appropriate to say the Catholic Church was rightfully found quilty of abetting, condoning, and protecting homosexual pedophiles that criminally committed henious violent acts against children, parishioners and the moral values of the Church, and the hundreds of millions of dollars, the new laws, the defrocking, the criminal charges that were deserved, will NEVER be forgiven or forgotten by those who hate the Church. I don't know of any preist that blew themselves up in an act to murder innocents.

If you think homosexual pediphelia is limited to the Catholic Church, you would be grossly mistaken. I suggest that if this is a topic that interests you, you come to Church, or seek to expose the homosexual pediophiles in your own community.