Comment: The reason why low-skilled

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The reason why low-skilled

The reason why low-skilled job employers prefer to hire illegal aliens is because their labor is cheaper, their labor is cheaper because employers don't need to pay taxes/benefits/regulations on their work. Making them legal will take away that advantage over the American worker. And without that advantage the American worker will be preferred, because they not only speak the language, but are more reliable.

Illegal immigration is the result of market forces on the overtaxed and over regulated environment that Americans find themselves. There are two options to solve this, get rid of all the taxes and regulations on workers in this country, or demand that alien workers play by the same rules. Massive deportation will backfire on the American people because will give the government too much power over the population, but the other two options will take away many of the incentives illegal aliens receive by coming to this country.

Those that fear the amnesty bill should not be worried about making them legal into the system, they should worry about real border security, the attempts to create a national ID system, welfare to those that came illegally, and the free granting of citizenship for those that came here seeking money, not seeking to live and be a part of the country.

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." Ben Franklin