Comment: Secrecy is never a good policy,

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Secrecy is never a good policy,

Especially when we are the one's paying their salaries. Chemtrails are real. Geoengineering is alive and well. It gives a mission and purpose for military aircraft. It's relatively inexpensive and they believe it can curb global warming which is accelerating much more quickly than anticipated. (We still have hundreds of years worth of fossil fuels still left to burn after all. Wouldn't want to leave that 'gold mine' in the ground). What concerns me even more, however, is our military personnel getting used to these flights over large swaths of our country. While we may not know the exact long term consequences of barium and aluminum oxide on our health and ecosystem, a simple change in the material to be dispersed (e.g. biological agent, toxins,...) could have immediate and dire consequences. Like Jim Jones in Guyana, I just hope our enlisted men and women don't drink the Kool Aid."

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed Jack is King.