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Do what you want

The Catholic Church does not preach that you are going to hell. The Cathoic Church says your sexual orientation does not procreate thus you are unable to receive a sacrament for a marriage, IF you chose to marry.

You seem to be stuck on the "banging little boys". That's not very respectful of the little boys who were raped and VICIOUSLY HURT by the homosexual pediophiles that defiled the entire Church for their sins.

We can respect you and not expect you to return that respect. Such is those of the world.

I'm not accusing you of anything. I don't know you or your partner and hope you both find happiness and are good to each other.

I have found peace. Thank you.

As for your Libertarian announcement// I joined the LP in 76.. left in 92 and I'm not going back, not even as an infiltraitor.

DO WHAT YOU WANT. I'm happily standing with Rand.