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You have to understand... Freemasonry is...

Freemasonry is very very old. It has been "infiltrated", if you will, by many different factions and other secret societies throughout the ages. They have also had many branches, branch off into 'sub-divisions' (if you will) of freemasonry. Some of these sub-divisions have been around for a very long time, as far back or farther than freemasonry can provably be traced, and other 'sub-divisions' are more modern. Groups such as:
The Illuminati
The The Knights Templar
Assassins' Guilds (the Essenes)
Bohemian Grove (and other "Groves")
la Cosa Nostra (Italian mafia)
Skull & Bones - Bavarian death cult
Rosicrucians - masonic Christian enlightenment
Ordo Templis Orientis - masonic Luciferians
Order of the Golden Dawn - British Royal rosicrucians
Opus dei - Roman Catholic secret knowledge society

etc, etc, etc...

The one thing they all have in common is a goal of obtaining secret, hidden, or undiscovered Knowledge. And as we know, knowledge is power. Freemasonry, allows a place for all these 'seekers of knowledge' to come together in one place, to discuss, and even plan.
However, these factions are not necessarily working together. Though they likely meet together to keep or create some sort of world 'Order', which we know is very important to their world-view. The Bilderberg is very likely that meeting.

Hope I helped clear some things up. I have been studying secret societies and the entire debacle (NWO) for well over a decade now.
I believe I am putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and have gotten a pretty clear picture.

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