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It will

be harder to pull off an Obama number 2, and still think the ruse will stay people's decent like it did in 2008. There's no contrast anymore between parties. Even a fake libertarian wont offset people's discontent for long, and the problems of overbearing regulations, taxation, sovereign debt and loss of liberties arn't going away. Do you really think they can drop the pretense of a free society? I think that's what has allowed freedoms to be surrendered in the first place, it helps keep the illusion alive. I suspect they'll try some scapegoats first. They'll blame some competitors, perhaps a few banking executives, and then offer up a few sacrifices to appease the mob so to speak. It's kind of what Hitler's crew did after WW1. Fortunately, I don't see it working. Too many people are hip to the regular old scams. I think they might have to sit back and just let the dysfunction of government take the heat for a while. We'll make some gains for liberty again, and when the fires cool, the powers that be will get back to doing what they do best. But right now, I don't think anything is certain. The dollar could collapse tomorrow or just keep slowly depreciating until they roll it back. Could their be a war? They'd start one if they could. I think Ron Paul's speeches about the parallels to the Iraq propaganda about WMD's before he left congress probably preempted them going directly into Iran, nor using Libya or Syria to get in there. Now I think it's too late. Rand has also done well to not let the media just flood the market with war propaganda about Syria. I don't know what's going to happen. These are interesting time to say the least.