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Well said

I worked with Nader on three elections in several states.

By 2004, I was getting the idea that "our" campaign was not exactly what I thought. He had convinced me to abandon the Libertarian party in 1992 (which I have no regrets) to become Independent (which at the time, I didn't realize that being an Indy meant I had no representation, just an opportunity to vote for what the other parties put on the ballot).

As we strived for open debates and ballot access, the dozens of laws suits we amassed in dozens of states (we lost all of them) got me to thinking that what we were actually doing (since like Ron Paul, we were censored in MSM) is we were helping the major parties through the courts, close the loop holes, so that no independent candidate would ever be able to have ballot access or participate in a debate.

And I agree with you about Nader being a great guy. He does listen well and takes the times to discuss issues. He is very close to being a political prophet, "crashing the party", "Only the super rich can save us". My favorite book is his, "Seventeen Tradtions". He gave me a full size Constitution and Bill of Rights, telling me when he gave them to me that the Bill of Rights is in grave danger and we need to do everything we can to keep it (1996).

My experience as a Ron Paul campaign volunteer was a cake walk by comparison to Nader's.. we were far more hurt by the Democrats than the rEVOLution was hurt by the GOP.

I think Nader hopes that a good version of big government could result in good justice, because his personal political experience seems to be damned if you do and damned if you don't, big or small, government is going to get you one way or another if you've got brains, talent and a soul.

Thank you for being one of those who worked with his organizations.. I don't know if you won any cases, but I'm sure you at least gave some folks hope, which is all that keeps one from passing through the gates of hell.