Comment: One street counter measure from "teargas" from Turkey

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One street counter measure from "teargas" from Turkey

Great little street innovation I never seen before, in Turkey just recently they had all these water bottles, big ones like the ones in the office water cooler kinda deployed in the middle of the street and then a canniser came rocketing over, somebody would grab it, drop it in one of these water bottles, put their foot on top of the opening and somebody else would run over with any kind of improvised plug like a rag or wadded up newspaper. Bottle would just fill up and turn white with smoke.

The old tactic, lobbing it back at cops was a loser because they are fully protected. And they would throw it right back again. This bottle method takes the cannister out of play and minimized collateral damage.

Plus, direct violent confrontation with cops has never been my style. The art of street action IMO has always been retreat, redeploy not stand there and make a show of rage.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.