Comment: I almost did this today

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I almost did this today

Except slightly different.

I would have mounted a fan on top pointing down into the cooler, then made vents/tubes near the bottom above the ice and brine soln, and filled it up with ice and super saturated brine water.

But I was afraid of starting an electrical fire.

I have a/c on but it doesn't go to my room.

I figure I need to get a fan, and then maybe fill up a big bowl with ice and some brine water, then place that in front of the fan while I sleep.

I'll see if I sleep tonight. I haven't been able to fall asleep before 0200 or so for 3 nights now. I have a sleep deficit. Today I slept for almost 8 hours but only because I slept in. Tomorrow I work.

But for short term, people like me who can stand up to 100 degrees, something like a cooler filled with ice and a few ports on the bottom with the fan pointing towards the melting ice, it might work in a small room with enough ports so the fan doesn't overheat, in conjunction with a circulating fan. I just don't want to burn down a ton of townhouses or destroy a cooler. I use my a/c maybe 3 times a year. This heat wave is pretty nasty though. I think most of it is over. I'm surprised we haven't had any blackouts.

But for all that effort I think I might just buy a fan from a secondhand store.

Beer may be a last result but I'll stink in the morning.

And the boss will rant at me. :)

I'm just drinking a glass of water every 30 minutes to replace the sweat.

I think I'll live. Still wish I had central a/c. The heat is compromising my cranial functions.

I may be repeating myself, but you could get that cooler or a little bigger one, get a small fan, cut the fan width on the top, drop the fan on, get some 2" pvc pipe or something, and cut out sections until the fan runs cool (2, 4,6, or 8 holes - I don't think you could have too many- and you might even just cut holes - maybe make sure the circumference of all the holes exceeds the hole cut for the fan), make sure it doesn't fall thru, fill the bottom with ice and brine water, then place it on a pedestal in front of a large fan, then direct it to where you are sleeping.

I just worry that small fan, once the ice is melted, may get hot and catch fire, and styrofoam will burn with my idea.

I think I'll stick with a fan.

The idea is great though for in cars with no a/c with dc power. The worst that could happen is spilling some brine water.

It may be cheaper to run ac, but if a person doesn't have it or the ac does not reach their room, this could act as a short term band aid for a few days. Although more expensive than advertised.

Yeah, tomorrow I'll hunt for secondhand fans and try putting a big bowl of ice and brine water in front of the fan. At worst, the fan will just run. I could also run some fabric up which absorbs the water and then evaporates it. But salt water and electricity don't go together well. Or rather they go together too well. I've grabbed positive and negative while standing in a solution of bleach and it didn't feel good.

Best wishes.