Comment: Your only internet footprints?

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Your only internet footprints?

Your only interent footprints are on the Daily Paul? I find that hard to believe.

Just trying to get people to look at the other side of the Snowden coin.

Government disinformation trolls would be very interested in people doing the same thing.

Your above post shows that people can, and do make mistakes in their thinking...

Absolutely. People do it all the time. People are easily manipulated and influenced. Find out what they want, and it is easy to lead them.

I always thought you were more mature than that.

Really? I'm so flattered. Golly gosh darnit, Jill (not your real name. Thanks. We understand that now. BTW, Michael Nystrom is my real name.) But gosh. I think I'm blushing. You're probably a pretty girl. Such a rarity too, on this board full of all of these young, single, desperate men. But I digress.

You always thought that? How sweet of you to be so kind and gracious, and to have always thought that about me. Little old me. And how absolutely terrible of me to disappoint you on that! I can't believe I did that - disappoint you, of all people. Someone using a fake screen name to express unsubstantiated opinions.


Hey Jill, what's you're real name, Jill? Because if this is your "only footprint" on the internet - if that is true, we all know at least one thing for damn sure and that is that your real name is not "Jill Booth."

Anyway, I know you're not going to tell us what your real name is, so how about answer us this:

What is your interest in this? Why are you trying to get people to look at the other side? What is in it for you if people start looking at the other side, and doubting?