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Ah you flatterer, you.

The days of my girlhood are far behind me, and yes, my name is Jillian Booth, or Jill for short.
My interest are the implementation of UN Agenda 21, and of the terrifying rise of the Military Industrial Complex and it's equally evil twin, Global Banking, which controls and implements UN Agenda 21.
As the Snowden case is deeply beneficial to both these bastard love children of the UN, I wont take it for granted that, a)Snowden hasn't been terribly used to stir up diplomatic unrest, and embarrass a puppet President who is reluctant to go into deeply unpopular war with Syria.
b)is a willing participant for the CIA, or c) a genuine whistle blower, who cares deeply for his country, but ran, with the information (we are told) to his countries adversaries.
I don't mind you being rude to don't hold "hero" status with me. I just thought that you were someone with a deep passion to see the United States of America come back to her peoples, and open minded enough to realise that all you see and hear about Snowden may not be the truth. I was wrong on that score too.