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When people push,

I push back.

Don't take it personally. But I'm far beyond not being rude to anonymous screen names on the internet.

Maybe you're one of these? Jillian Booth on Whitepages.

I just think that if someone is going to throw rocks at someone with a real name, with a real bio online, it should be a fair fight, and we should know who the accuser is.

I am well aware that the Snowden affair might be not all that it is cracked up to be. But I'm also aware of how disinformation is spread, through rumor, accusation, and unfounded facts. The bio you presented is typical - similar to the disinformation spreaders who were here pushing the meme that Jeff Bauman was an actor who never had legs to begin with.

I've become quite adept at recognizing the pattern.

I'm glad you don't mind me being rude to you. I'll be ruder to you still if the best you can do is come up with hints, innuendo and disinformation to spread doubt.

He's the man.