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Comment: Don't lose hope

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Don't lose hope

Everyone I know in this state is liberty minded, although maybe not libertarian. A lot of it is the circle I run with though.

Feed breadcrumbs and don't just give a man a fish, because that man might not even know what to do with the fish.

I've always been liberty minded, but I've been independent, libertarian, democrat, constitutionalist and republican on paper, but I'm just me in the end.

CA is ripe, like the grapes.

Especially the youth. I talk to young people (18-25) today and even though they may not know it, they are actually incredible liberty lovers. I think pretty much everyone is at that age, or very liberal or classic liberals. I think we need to stop with the labeling though. It's no longer left vs righ (same coin.) We need to nurture the young and give breadcrumbs to the people in between the youngsters and the baby boomers. Breadcrumbs to 30-50 y/o.

Boomers need to know about social security and medicare and such. And how the rug may be pulled out from under them or their own children. Those programs are not self sufficient any more. All the boomers I know are basically set and don't need to rely on those benefits, but many do and they need to know how many of their kids need to fund their benefits, for that one person. Luckily my older members of family are not poor, although I am skirting the line.

I wouldn't suggest dropping a copy of the social security swindle on their door but try to lead them there on their own. The youth though need to learn about one of the biggest ponzi schemes known to mankind. And they need to amass enough momentum to opt out. I would suggest giving the youth as much info as possible.

I'm stuck between generations, and my son I suspect may also be a gap generation as well, but he receives a good education and can even school adults on foreign policy, liberty, and finances, especially what money is. It's fun to watch.

My dad luckily enough has a small pension (which he got screwed on by the union) and bought property and gets medicare/medicaid/and a paltry social security check. I pay more for rent than he does on his property and he has 2 houses on 7 acres. I have two rooms since I never believed in credit and have never taken a loan.

But I too hope for a libertarian (or liberty minded) California. We have tons of resources to implement a true free market and in many places we do. We have farmers markets, flea markets, yard sales, second hand stores, farmland, and good people, particularly in farming communities. We do have a lot of progressives, but I think they can be swayed and perhaps progress could be measured in different ways.

We need to get rid of Monsanto however. We need our bees, beekeepers, almonds, strawberries, apricots, heirloom crops. We have to get big business out. That's why I didn't vote for Meg Whitman.

There's too many cops and politicians and not enough community leaders. I was shocked to know in my city there are 1400-1600 cops and they are running a "deficit".

People move but community and responsibility still sits on the shoulders of our people. Community is a big deal. I always help out my neighbors or even old neighbors. Vice Versa. We get people jobs. We give food or a couch or a ride or gas money. If everyone did that we could be a great state and one not built on greed. We should always shop locally. Forget WallyWorld or other big places. At least McD's is a franchise even though I would never eat there.

I think I'm done with my rant.

I think there is a lot of promise, but we have to change a bit, and start relying on each other, not banks or credit cards or social nets, and we need to be accountable. A massive event may need to occur for these changes, but I think we could transition.

If we do these things we can prosper. If we keep eating McDonalds, shopping at WalMart, and keep maxing out our credit cards we are screwed. Wal Mart may be cheaper in the short run but where do you thing the jobs to make those goods comes from. It's certainly not here. If we have to watch our money and tighten our belt to shop locally, we will thrive. If not we will become grapes, rotting on the vine.