Comment: E-verify is the real fascist

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E-verify is the real fascist

E-verify is the real fascist purpose behind the Senate's so-called immigration reform.

IIUC, am I allowed to rebroadcast the audio of Ron's message without seeking further permission as long as I attribute him? The audio message itself should identify Ron Paul as its author, but I'll add a short statement preceding the audio attributing him. In fact, I even could broadcast his message in text form using the digital mode, MFSK-32, via my unlicensed, low-power AM transmitter. Transmitting the text via MFSK-32 would probably require ~ 10 minutes though. I'll have to experiment more with the digital modes. I definitely can understand the need for written attribution, though. Did Ron finally acquire a permanent URL of his own?

Ron, I want to rebroadcast your messages locally on a periodic basis, ok?