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I am not an American.

I am not coming up with hints and innuendo, just information that gives people something to think about, so that people can make an informed decision about whether person A or B is a hero or a traitor, a whistle blower or shill. Terrorist or freedom fighter. Both sides of the one coin.
If things are not looked at from ALL angles, how can one see the whole picture? The fact that the CEO of, the "trumpet" for Snowden, was an executive at the start up of a large company that lied about it's
knowledge of spying, needs to be looked into. Same as the Boston Bombers Uncle...he had ties to was looked into.
I have the benefit of age and history behind me, so I see things a little differentially (cynically)than you.I also am not American so do not have to come to terms with the fact that the greatest nation on earth is deeply corrupt for powerful peoples own ends. Just like every powerful nation before it, from the Greeks to the British Empire.
If people can conspire to fly planes into skyscrapers, can they not conspire to use a whistle blower for their own ends?