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It can happen

At one point in time (during my mom's generation) you could solder circuit boards, work for IBM, &c. Now there is this massive influx of people on VISA to work for CISCO and such. They are now popping babies out like crazy.

Meanwhile we have a ton of college students who have to work at burger king because they can't get a job working at CISCO or Google or Yahoo, &c.

To me, that's wrong.

So not only do we hire folks from another country to do work for cheap who are having anchor babies, but we also outsource other stuff.

But it can be fixed.

I know it's disheartening. Most of my neighbors work for Cisco and when I would say hello they would hiss and turn their heads. No joke.

Some dudes moved in next door and they were partying and smoking outside so I went out on my porch and told them I didn't care if they played loud music or smoked (you aren't allowed to smoke on the porch out here which I think is BS) but if it got loud enough to go to my son's room I would knock on their door instead of being a narc.

I talked to them for a long time and asked why the rest of the community would turn away from me and even in one instance a guy growled at me. So they asked around and the community said they thought I was going to mug them.


I've been mugged. I'm not going to hurt anyone. So I asked them to tell the other neighbors I don't hurt anyone and you know where to find me. But I said don't judge me. If some guy with less than brown skin mugs someone it's definitely not me unless someone tries to kill me.

Finally, it took about a year, but finally they started saying hello back.

Most are working at Cisco and have anchor babes, they learned pretty quick. My next door neighbors are really cool though, but they keep getting snitched on. One is trying to get a patent on free energy, another works at cisco, and another, I don't know what he does. But we are friends.

I wish those jobs at cisco would go to some college grads like it did back in the day, and I wish that patent from my neighbor would go to him, so it's give and take.

America is still the most freedom loving country. That's why folks come here.

These people could go back to the middle east and still work for cisco, but at least they are paying their fair share in taxes, although the flat tax should be 0% (for citizens.)

Don't lose hope. My Indian (from India-the others are from different areas) neighbors are now libertarians and for the free market. In fact they may be more liberty minded than myself.

But the other 95%, I hear that. They learned from the hispanics and asians. Have an anchor baby. But if you can sway 1% to liberty, many will follow. Most understand here in America you have liberty, and that's why they come. I hope that doesn't seem racist, but I know for a fact my family came here to work on the sugar plantations in Hawaii for citizenship from Spain in the late 1800's and the irish also during the civil war. We will always have immigrants. It's just a shame when we teach our kids to do a job and people come over and do it for cheaper.

But again, don't give up hope. Turn your neighbor on. I did. They already knew it. Some already learned and came here to have kids so they can't leave.

I'm pushing trade schools and other means of survival, like learning how to make shoes, be a mechanic, work in construction (although life expectancy is about 5 years past retirement) or tend to horses or run a farm for my son. Those are jobs that are needed. Let the tech guys sit at a desk die early due to not getting exercise.

Never surrender. Don't give up hope.

Yes we have progressive talk radio but even if you listen now they are pissed at the current administration on even liberal radio.

The president is merely a puppet. But he took the job, so he needs to feel the heat. The heat is coming from all sides now.

I did notice on talk radio the NSA thing is now a "leak" and not a whitleblower but don't lose hope. There is also a radio host on the same station who is really pissed off. Happens to be gay, but I never judge a book by it's cover.

Yes the most condensed areas are the most liberal but even they are getting angry.

Oh, also, in the Silicon Valley, I've seen one real old Obama sticker and one new one this election cycle. One Romney. But none of that really matters in the long run. Maybe in SF you might have more Obama stickers. But not here. I'd slap on a Ron Paul one but I don't want to get targeted.

edit: Do you know the average intern at Google is making $6700 a month???