Comment: I am deeply suspicious of RT.

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I am deeply suspicious of RT.

From previous comments you can see that I am not Russian, do not trust RT, thought Julian Assange was a hero, but now am not so sure.
You will know that I have a deep admiration for Dr Paul, and respect for Rand. You will also know that I loath Hilary Clinton, speak out about the UN, the CIA and the deep corruption within your Government. In my own country I fight against UN Agenda 21 and ICLEI at local council level.
I am not a spy, troll or disinformation person....just someone who wants my children and grand children to grow up with freedoms and fairness, not slavery and debt. What is wrong with that? The spying scandal that has broken over the world is not new to many people with a smidgen of history, that is why I will put no personal details over the internet except my name. If I am going to write something on the Daily Paul, I will put my name to it. But at the same time I trust nothing that can think for itself if I can't "see" where it keeps it brain.