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Comment: ALL states are playable, once the bankers are taken out.

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ALL states are playable, once the bankers are taken out.

Until then,NO political action will be effective.

This country is a victim of its own success. Once any country becomes too prosperous, the virtues that created that prosperity are cast aside and the parasites rule. I have every reason to believe the world is about to be "de-loused," hopefully in a manner that when send a lesson to the bastards that have ruled us for the LAST 5,000 years that they will speak in whispers for the NEXT 5,000 years. The punishment MUST fit the crime or there is no justice. If this seems harsh, those of you who have been taught tough lessons in the past probably became better people for it. Hopefully, their survivors will do the same.

That being said, let us discuss a few states:

o California - Did you know, in the midst of the Great Depression, homeowners in Marin County mortgaged their homes to construct the Golden Gate Bridge, a feat that had never been successfully attempted on such a scale in modern times?

o Indiana - Did you you can kill a police officer in self defense in Indiana?

o Massachusetts and Arizona - The fairest treatment of third party candidates in Senate debates occurred in Massachusetts and Arizona. Dave Nolan and Joe Kennedy got really "fair shakes" in those debates. Only the political corruption of the establishment parties prevented them from becoming senators.

o Alaska, Wyoming and Montana - frontier states with strong histories of rugged individualism.

o New York - Outside the cesspool of NYC, there are LOTS of small towns perfect for "libertarian pickings".

However, none of this will happen as long as the scum of the earth from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan et al., continue to infect this planet.