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Comment: I'm starting to think

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I'm starting to think

that Snowden's safety depends more on fixing things here. Manning has got to be acquitted and Snowden's charges have to be stayed. This took too long and now Snowdens is in the bite. He gave the world things everyone should know, now because of Obama's gang, he's going to be forced to give things he wouldn't to the other half of the world's criminals. The trickery here is that the government doesn't care if a few of their own agents are compromised and get killed. They want it. Then they can hold Snowden up and say look, "leaks get people killed". Hopefully, Russia sees that coming and uses diplomacy instead. Maybe they will let Snowden go, so that they can maintain their show of humanity. Either way, injustice in America has brought it this far, only justice will fix it.