Comment: Good luck with that.

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Good luck with that.

The reason I left the Libertarian Party after Ron's Presidential bid was the unworkable mindset of many of the people involved. Every meeting was a circle jerk with individuals engaging in vain deliberations to prove their own Libertarian purity overshadowed that of everyone else.

I don't like political parties, period. Candidates should run on their ideas, not their party affiliation. Unfortunately, we have to deal with a party system.

If the Libertarian Party suddenly experienced a groundswell of success, it soon would attract the same scoundrels that infest the Dem. and Rep. parties today. Getting candidates elected with an "L" next to their names will prove no more a panacea than the Republican landslide was in 2010. Without eternal vigilance, a successful Libertarian Party would be as potentially freedom-averse as much of the Republican Party is now.

The thing that matters is seizing control of the electoral machinery and compelling politicians to support liberty. Having a candidate like Rand Paul, who clearly values liberty, even if his values don't pass all your purity tests, is a great blessing, because we only need to monitor and encourage Rand; we don't have to completely steer him like we would have to steer an average politician.

Instead of building another party only to get disappointed by it, I think we should heed Ron Paul's advice to simply take over the Republican Party.