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wait a sec

"Rand is the son of Legendary Ron. They can't be that much different."

Because sons never turn out differently from their fathers, amirite? Should people be judged by the sins of their fathers? Then why judge based on the accomplishments of their fathers?

This is the kind of mindset that I worry about when I see people talk about Rand. I know it can't be helped to a certain extent, but nearly every post about Rand talks about how he is or isn't just like his father, and virtually everyone seems so sure of their opinions regarding the two.

Like I've said before, people seem to be more interested in Rand's surname than his politics. If Rand's last name were Smith, I could just about guarantee that half of his current supporters on this site would write him off as another 'neocon' without as much as giving him a second look.

EDIT: Just wanted to add that the people (not you) who continue to claim that they "know" what Rand is thinking and/or his plans seem like they're trying to convince themselves rather than others.

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