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the word hate

is bandied around so much these days one wonders if people stop and consider what they are saying. i certainly don't hate rand. and the author of this article does not either. you should take a look at his body of work at LRC. ron paul to my understanding is mostly about spreading the message, anyway you can, and i completely agree. once there is a tipping point, a massive waking up change will come. all my libertarian friends tell me: think long term, not short term: the prez election is a huge diversion and group think process. the presidential election is a charade and a waste of time, money and energy. the status quo with the help of the MSM and various crooks get exactly who they want, at this stage of the game.
the freedom movement and ron paul's ideas: peace, sound money and personal freedom grows and grows through education, debate, through out the world now thanks to ron paulian edward snowden. we should also work on elections that can be won, local and on the hill, in the courtrooms and each individually relentlessly spreading the message. we should settle for nothing less.