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I read yesterday

Palin is thinking of leaving the GOP.. if that's true, that would mean her "Earthquake".. the folks who went after committee seats the same time we did, would be leaving.

I think the GOP is trying to kill its self off to give the Neos a one party majority like Communist China's..

Ron Paul put all the new blood in the party.. they didn't expect that, tried to cheat us out of seats.. Palin's Earthquake included.. so if she bails, there would be another great opportunity for us to claim more seats..

When I was a member of the LP back in the 70s and 80s , we all sat around wondering "who's the narc", since our biggest issue was marijuana.. and we had to find other issues to fill in the blanks..

Anyways.. I hope you do get involved in the GOP, because it is fun, now that we have some control, and 2016 RNC promises to be a great party..