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Comment: you can not shut up liberty thinkers

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you can not shut up liberty thinkers

who write the truth. here is a more recent article by McMaken where once again he points out the shortcomings of the senator, yet soundly praises him on the filibuster.

People who follow me on Twitter know that I criticize Rand Paul. I do this not because I think he should be a clone of his father, and that he's somehow "betrayed" Ron Paul's followers. On the contrary, as I've noted before, I think Rand has always been quite up front about his non-libertarian views. I don't think he's attempted to deceive anyone on this.

My primary motivation in criticizing Rand is to illustrate the reality of his positions to many of his followers who seem to think that the libertarian movement should view Rand Paul as the next Ron Paul. They should not, regardless of the last name of the Senator from Kentucky, because Rand Paul is not, in my view, enough of a consistent defender of liberty. Nor is he enough of a known commodity to warrant all of the uncritical and blind support I see coming out of the so-called, and oxymoronically named, "libertarian conservatives."

However, I have to give credit where it's due, and Rand Paul's filibuster today is good for at least two reasons.