Comment: THANK GOD!!!!

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The last thing I would ever want to do is shut up liberty thinkers!

Thank you for the link.. I looked yesterday, and I will admit, I'm no fan of Lew Rockwell, and find his blog hard to navigate. None the less.. it's a good read. and nice to see how McMaken has a loyalty to his keepers at Rockwell, but really likes Rnad. LOL

Rand is not a consistant defender of Liberty? That means nothing.. how does one defend Liberty? I think that's a very vague statement. What do you make of that?

Seems by reading the article, the biggest problem McMaken has with Rand is "he caters to Neocons" (this is more of the "don't join the GOP because we need to profit off you in the LP)

The Neocons are bailing on the GOP.. McCain't and the likes are there for the facade. but we have and are taking the GOP..